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If “modernization entailed a decoding and deterritorializaion of vision,” (Crary 42) then Turners’ paintings should be considered modern. What Turner did was something that the human eye is nearly incapable of. Turner did decode exactly what he saw by observing and interpreting his exact vision onto a blank canvas after staring into the sun. To some, his paintings may seem fantasy like, this may be because most people do not stare into the sun and attempt to recreate what they see since it is dangerous and harmful to the eye.

Turners’ take on painting exactly what the eye actually does take in when observing was definitely controversial and puzzling for some. The extreme measure that he took to create his paintings goes to show how passionate he was about what he thought he understood at the time. Although students had already gone blind or damaged their vision from “staring directly into the sun,” (Crary 34) Turner continued to paint his paintings and risk his eyesight by staring up at the sun and painting exactly what he saw.

February 8th, 2011 at 12:35 pm

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      Dominique says:

    You’re right on point about Turner–except for one thing. Most of the thinking in the post seems to be in contradiction with the following sentence: “What Turner did was something that the human eye is nearly incapable of. ” I have a feeling that what you meant to say and what the sentence expresses are different… how might you reassess this?

    Thank you for this first post!


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